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  • The Department of Industrial Design pursues the creation of a new life culture systematically and creatively. We focus on the study of function, material, structure, economy, and aesthetics in mass production. In particular, the Department of Industrial Design emphasizes the development of accomplishments and thinking power with the goal of interdisciplinary and integrated knowledge and technology such as science, technology, arts, humanities and social sciences to increase people’s quality of life.
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IT · Design Fusion Program, Graduate School of

Nano IT Design Fusion


  • The IT/Design Fusion Program is presented as a 10 large industry leader of South Korea in the 21STcentury in areas such as software(content), network(e-commerce), digital consumer electronics, telecommunications, automotive, shipbuilding, textiles, semiconductors, precision parts, and bioproducts.
    As you see, IT design is increasingly important in our society. Our program promotes the development of design professionals with the requisite expertise in fundamental technology and industrial policy, and seeks to improve the design level of culture, science, and technology through the efficient education of professionals.
    The IT/Design Fusion Program systematically built the professional education program on the foundations of theory and practice necessary for the education of field-oriented, adaptable and applied skills, and contributes to the competitiveness of its graduates.
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